Telegram is stepping up its game once again. In its latest update, the popular messaging app has introduced several exciting features, including Stories for channels, reaction stickers in Stories, and the ability to add your own music to Stories.

  • Stories for Channels

Now, channels on Telegram can join in on the Stories fun. Users can give their favorite channels the power to post Stories by granting them boosts. The more boosts a channel gets, the more Stories they can post per day. This feature gives users control over which channels can flood them with content and how often.

  • Reaction Stickers in Stories

Users and channels can now add reaction stickers to their Stories, allowing viewers to respond with emojis in just one tap. Stories posted by channels will display reaction counters, showing the number of people who chose each emotion.

Telegram Launches Its Premium Subscription for $4.99 a Month
Telegram messenger has launched a paid Premium subscription that gives users access to a flurry of exclusive additional features like voice-to-text conversion and a larger maximum file upload size. The existing features will remain free for all users.
  • Your Music in Stories

You can now use audio files from your device in photo and video Stories, adding custom soundtracks or narration to your content.

  • View-Once Media

Telegram's self-destructing media feature has been upgraded. You can set media to be viewable only once or for up to 30 seconds. Once the recipient opens it, the media is permanently deleted from the chat.

Telegram Rolls out Stories to Paid Premium Users
Telegram joins other messaging apps like WhatsApp and Signal that have already implemented their versions of Stories, allowing users to share content with a time limit and engage with their contacts in new ways.
  • New Login Alerts

Telegram now sends notifications to all your devices whenever someone logs into your account. The alert is displayed prominently at the top of your chat list, making it easy to spot any suspicious logins.

These updates are part of Telegram's ongoing effort to provide users with new and exciting features, making it one of the most dynamic messaging apps on the market.