Google Photos users can get ready for a more organized and clutter-free experience as the platform introduces new AI-powered features to streamline your photo gallery. These updates are now available for both iOS and Android users.

Photo Stacks: Simplifying Your Visual Storytelling

If you're the type who snaps multiple shots in quick succession to capture that perfect moment, you're not alone. However, this habit often results in a cluttered gallery filled with similar photos. Google Photos now comes to the rescue with a feature called Photo Stacks. It uses AI to automatically identify and group similar photos, even picking the best one as the cover image for each stack. If you don't fully trust AI, you can always choose your favorite shot yourself. This feature aims to declutter your gallery while preserving your cherished memories.

Effortless Management of Screenshots and Documents

Screenshots and document photos serve their purposes but can create gallery chaos. Google Photos leverages AI to smartly categorize screenshots and documents into dedicated albums, such as ID, receipts, and event information. This categorization makes finding specific items a breeze, sparing you the tedious scroll through your entire gallery.

Additionally, Google Photos now lets you set reminders based on screenshots of tickets or flyers for upcoming events. Suppose you have a concert ticket screenshot. Simply click 'Set Reminder,' and it will be added to your calendar, ensuring you don't miss the event. You can also choose to automatically archive screenshots and documents after 30 days, keeping them accessible in their dedicated albums while decluttering your main gallery.

With the introduction of Photo Stacks and improved screenshot and document management, Google Photos takes a significant step toward making your photo library cleaner and more organized.