WhatsApp is making it easier for users to keep their conversations organized with its latest feature — message pinning. This addition allows users to pin both individual and group chat messages at the top of their chats for up to 30 days, helping essential information stay easily accessible.

To use this feature, users can simply long-press on a message and select "Pin" from the menu. By default, messages are pinned for 7 days, but users have the flexibility to extend this to 24 hours or the maximum duration of 30 days. This feature is especially useful for various scenarios, from keeping a friend's address handy to sharing critical event details within a group chat.

WhatsApp Introduces Discord-Like Voice Chats for Large Groups
Unlike traditional group voice calls that ring every member, this feature offers a more discreet approach. Users will receive a push notification and find an in-chat bubble they can tap to join the voice chat.

In group chats, administrators can decide whether only other admins or all members can pin messages. This feature brings more organization and clarity to group conversations, making it easier for users to find important information and stay on task.

WhatsApp's competitors, such as Telegram and iMessage, already offer message pinning in both individual and group chats. As WhatsApp continues to enhance its feature set, users can look forward to improved functionality and better-organized conversations.

While the rollout of this feature is currently in progress, not all users will have immediate access. However, WhatsApp expects all eligible accounts to gain access in the coming weeks.