WhatsApp has unveiled an exciting new feature for iOS 17 and newer users, allowing them to create and customize their own stickers directly within the app.

To create a custom sticker, users can navigate to the sticker tray, select "Create Sticker," and choose an image from their gallery. They can then get creative by adding text, drawing on the sticker, or even overlaying other stickers.

Previously, users had to rely on third-party providers or their phone's gallery to access stickers. Now, with this in-app sticker maker, the process is simplified, and custom stickers are automatically saved in the user's sticker tray for easy access in future conversations.

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While this feature is exclusive to iOS 17 and newer, users with older iOS versions can still edit existing stickers. Unfortunately, for Android users, the capability to create custom stickers is not available yet.

This feature is set to roll out on iOS devices in the coming days, offering iOS users a new way to express themselves in chats. WhatsApp Web users have already been enjoying the benefits of this custom sticker maker, and its expansion to mobile devices is sure to be a hit among iOS users.