Instagram is rolling out updates to its Notes feature, allowing users to add short looping videos and offering more response options. The platform's Notes feature, similar to status updates, previously allowed only text or emojis. Now, users can share two-second looping video Notes visible to mutual followers or Close Friends for 24 hours.

Instagram’s New Feature to Protect Users from Unwanted Image and Video DMs
Instagram believes that these changes will prevent users from receiving unwanted visual content from people they don’t follow, and also hinder repetitive messages from strangers.

While Instagram already supports video Stories, the addition of video Notes adds a new dimension to quick updates. Unlike Stories, Notes only allow content from the front-facing camera and restrict uploads from the phone's gallery, maintaining spontaneity.

To post a video Note, users can access their inbox, tap their photo in the Notes tray, and click the camera button to record a two-second clip. They can then add text before posting. In response, friends can now reply with audio, photo, video, gifs, or stickers.

Meta Implements Stricter Message Settings for Teens on Facebook and Instagram
Meta is introducing enhancements to its parental supervision tools. Parents will now have the authority to approve or deny changes in default privacy settings made by their teenage children.

Initially seen as a text-based feature, Notes gained popularity, especially among younger users. Instagram's efforts to boost engagement among this demographic include introducing video Notes and expanding response options.