Google Chrome users now have a powerful new tool at their disposal: an AI-driven writing assistant designed to enhance text creation and refinement. This experimental feature, dubbed "Help me write," leverages cutting-edge AI models to analyze web content and offer contextually relevant suggestions for improving your writing.

Whether you're crafting product reviews, filling out online forms, or composing messages, Chrome's AI writing assistant can lend a helping hand. By understanding the context of the webpage you're on, the tool pulls relevant information to suggest content enhancements tailored to your needs.

Gmail AI Can Now Help You Write Emails on Your Phone
For users who are short on time and need assistance in writing a complete email, they can provide a prompt, and the AI algorithm will generate a detailed message based on that prompt.

To activate this feature, users simply need to navigate to Chrome's settings menu, access the "Experimental AI" page, and enable "Help me write." Once enabled, users can right-click on any text field within Chrome and select the option to start writing assistance.

This new functionality, powered by Google's Gemini AI models, is available in English for users in the United States on both Mac and Windows platforms. However, it's important to note that this feature is still in its experimental phase, requiring users to explicitly enable it through Chrome's settings.