The most ardent shopaholics have already started preparing for the main event of the fall – for Black Friday.

Oh, is there anything people wouldn’t do to get an 80% discount? On this day, real shopping addicts go nuts and blow their money thoughtlessly.

We’ve gathered some of the craziest stories told by the store employees (who wish to remain anonymous for obvious reasons). We strongly recommend you to take a look at them in order not to screw anything up.

Story no. 1: The Coffee Machine

It happened at a household appliances store. It was early morning, and there was only one coffee machine left on the counter. It was selling for $3, while its regular price was $100, so the discount on that finest piece was quite decent. Now, try to imagine the following situation: two elderly women approach the coffee machine and all of a sudden start fighting vigorously for the appliance. I had to call the cops, but eventually, nobody bought that coffee machine.

Story no. 2: Fights and Kids

One day, two women were fighting over something at the store window; they both had small kids with them. When the argument reached a critical point, one of the women hit another one with her child.

Story no. 3: The Lipstick

A customer who stood in a 5-kilometer line for lipstick was utterly dissatisfied with that course of events. She was dissatisfied to such an extent that she even spat in the cashier’s face.

Story no. 4: A Babe in the Woods

There’s this type of girls who can be described as “a babe in the woods”. That was exactly the kind of girl who came to me and asked me to take all the people out of the store so that she could shop peacefully. Naturally, I politely explained that it was not possible. Ten minutes later, the fire alarm went off, and everyone was evacuated. Meanwhile, the “babe in the woods” girt was calmingly walking down the aisle choosing some clothes for herself. She ended up failing to buy new stuff and headed straight to the police.

Story no. 5: The Unexpected

Warning! Don’t eat while reading this! This is not a drill! The most disgusting story of all is up next!

A woman was standing in a long line at the checkout with a pile of things she was about to buy. She looked restless and uptight. Apparently, being angry at the whole world, she abruptly turned around and went into the fitting room. What she did there is beyond understanding. She did something that people do when they’re on the toilet. The smell coming from there was just rank, and you could feel that smell for another two days!