You might be wondering why HBO would make a giant cardboard box? Actually, it all makes sense.

The Box is a perfect “shelter” for college students who need to share the dorm room with their roommates and need more privacy. It has a bunch of small holes on the sides to let the air in, a shelf inside for your smartphone or a laptop, and cutouts for legs. You are supposed to lay down and put the Box on and enjoy your favorite TV shows or movies. Your roommates will still be able to hear you, though, as don’t forget that the Box is a cardboard one.

There are just a few boxes available, and they are pretty hard to get. The Box is not for sale; only students can win it in a special competition partnered with Fooji.

To enter the competition, the students will need to confirm they’re over 18, have a .edu email address, and live in the area serviced either by FedEx or DoorDash. Moreover, they will also need to explain why they need the new HBO Box and add certain hashtags.

HBO has even posted a video on its YouTube channel promoting the Box. It looks quite like some of Apple’s presentations, by the way.

Funny enough, you will get the HBO Box in a box with detailed instructions and a set of HBO stickers.