IKEA has launched a new Christmas ad with some groovy music. A teapot, salt & pepper shakers, and a green dinosaur toy rap and shame their owners for a mess and the need of some home repairs.

IKEA made sure beforehand that every British family has enough time to prepare for Christmas and launched its first pre-holiday advert on November 8.

The campaign shows us a family getting ready for their guests’ arrival. Suddenly they are being criticized by their teapot that states that inviting people to a messy place like theirs is simply embarrassing. He says, “I must confess this place ain’t blessed, this place is a mess.”

It all ends well. With the help of IKEA furniture and decorations, the owners make their critics fall silent.

A British Grime MC D Double E voiced the video clip. He boasted of it on Twitter himself and the fans appreciated the new single as well.