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IKEA and ASUS ROG Team up to Create Affordable Gaming Furniture

The presentation of the IKEA ASUS ROG gaming furniture line will occur in China in February 2021. Its sales in the United States and other countries will begin by October 2021.

IKEA and Lego Teamed up to Create Playful BYGGLEK Storage Boxes

The two companies joined forces to create a range of storage solutions that will consist of four products: one set of three small boxes, two sets of bigger boxes, and one set of Lego bricks to infuse creativity at home.

The Most Expensive Apple Grater: iFixit Grated Cheese with Mac Pro

iFixit specialists published a video on their YouTube channel with the first impression of the new Mac Pro. At the end of the video, they brought many memes to life and grated cheese with Mac Pro.

An IKEA Teapot Began to Rap

IKEA has launched a Christmas ad with some groovy music. The ad features household items that rap and shame their family for a messy apartment and the need for some home repairs.

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