Recently, the English Language has replenished with the new expression – “winter boyfriend.” It’s meaning is quite simple and transparent, just like your ex’s heart: a winter boyfriend is a temporary character in a girl’s life story. She “gets” him as winter intensifies with an eye to get warm. Obviously, as soon as your thermometer hits the mark “no need to wear a hat and a puffer jacket,” your girlfriend will get rid of you right away as if you were a Christmas tree that was lost in a living room until March.

Such behavior is exceptionally mean because she imitates intimacy and then betrays you. And since it’s the best time of the year for cold-hearted women, we decided to warn you.

The First Red Flag: The Girl Is Too Active

You are dizzyingly beautiful, you sing like a god, dance like the devil, you’re so witty it hurts, and all THIS usually drives a red racing car? If yes, then you get an assload of women’s attention. But if you’re an average person, undue attention from a girl must set off your alarm bells. That is because oftentimes, when a girl likes a guy, it takes her a long time to respond to your “whassup,” and she might even ask her friends to convene. But when she is not that into a man, she can start being active: she can slip her phone number on a napkin, hit on you, and laugh at your signature “walked into a bar” joke so much that her throat will hurt. Watch your back!

The Second Red Flag: She Picks Places for You to Meet

When a girl has plans for a long-lasting relationship with a man, she seizes every opportunity to sneak into his bachelor pad and leave her traces there. For instance, she can leave her scrunchie or a body cream there. This way, women used to mark their territory from the beginning of time, letting their competitors know that the guy is already taken (by someone who moisturizes their skin with a body cream that smells awesome), and they better go and jump in the lake until you deck them. So if a girl masterly rejects all offers to spend time with you, and you only get to meet in her territory, keep a bright lookout.

The Third Red Flag: She Blows off Your Friends

Meeting each other’s friends is an important stage of a relationship. The girl who dreams of babysitting grandkids with you will be glad to meet the bros from your pack of wolves. However, the person who postpones a meeting with your friends all the time doesn’t seem to be the person you can trust. Most likely, she is not interested in your bros, and also in their bro, which is you.

The Fourth Red Flag: She Pretends She's Dead Whenever You Talk About Your Future Together

You spend three hours talking about how delicious sausages in Berlin are, especially if you are eating them in May sitting near the Bundestag. In turn, she looks at you with glass eyes, not even hyper-salivating. It’s a bad sign. Plans for the future are a foundation that strengthens a new and fragile relationship. And if a girl is not eager to build this foundation, take a closer look at her.

Of course, “winter girlfriend” is also a thing. Although it would be better if we all could do without this seasonal imitation of intimacy.