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Cookies vs. Bath Bombs: A Wife Made Fun of Her Husband

A subject of ridicule was a woman named Paige Byerly from Los Angeles who attracted everyone's attention by trying to make fun of her husband’s ignorance and set a trap for herself instead.

It all started with Paige posting a tweet on January 26, telling a story about how her husband brought home a bath bomb that his friend handed him as a Christmas surprise gift. It seemed to the wife that the bomb was not a cosmetic product.

Apparently, the man was too good, but girls can never get enough of sauciness and excitement, can they? And of course, everyone has a craving for investigating and finding evidence. So, as a confirmation, the wife attached a photo of the “confectionary product" and told an epic story of her detective investigation, during which she made sure that it was not a bath bomb at all.

Interest for Paige’s culinary-cosmetic epic work that she shared with her followers grew with every tweet. For their part, the followers tried to figure out how the man could not tell the difference between cookies and bath bombs. And he was the subject of some ridicule as well. But you know, they say, “he who laughs last, laughs best.”

Some followers supported Paige’s husband, and this prompted her to new action. And while Twitter users were trying to puzzle out whether to laugh or cry because of what she did, the woman contacted the girl who gave her husband the Christmas present and asked her what that really was. Turned out that the coworker actually gave the family bath cosmetics, but it was soap, not a bomb.

The defeat was quite painful. The woman even took a bite of that thing, and it tasted like wet cookies. The commentators found the story so exciting that they even saw cinematic potential in it. But that a whole another story.

How to Earn 1,000 Shekels on a Plane or a Story of One Jewish Man

Once upon a time, a man was on a plane flying to Tel Aviv. In the middle of his air journey, he felt the need to visit the poet’s corner. As usual, there were vacant/occupied signs on toilet doors that responded to the lock from the inside. After making sure that the treasured “vacant” sing was there, he opened the door, and suddenly, there was a young girl in all her glory.

He quickly shut the door and returned to his seat. “I’ll think about it later,” he thought to himself, put on a sleeping mask, and was nearly falling asleep when he felt a punch right to the mask.

A young and hot man of that young girl decided to come to blows with him. While the man presented an argument that the “vacant” sign was on, the couple claimed that the girl was simply too fastidious to touch the lock. But they somehow couldn’t fend off when he said that, oddly enough, he didn’t have X-ray vision, telepathy, a uniquely developed intuition, or the gift of foresight.

And the “backup” in the form of a flight attendant who was on the man’s side arrived in time and forced the sweet couple to get to the negotiation stage. This way, he became richer by 1,000 shekels.

A Christmas Doll with Some Nose Candy: Santa’s Surprise for a Mother

This is a story shared by Elizabeth Faidley from New Jersey. She told Facebook about her daughter’s long-awaited Christmas present. The 6-year-old daughter ordered not just a doll, but a Merbaby – a mermaid doll, which turned out to be filled with cocaine.

This bizarre story occurred back in 2015. It took the mom a lot of effort to find a doll for her Ellie, but eventually, she found the right handmade one her daughter wanted so much and paid $500 for it. Having received her gift, the girl grossed out and seemed disgruntled as the doll had “creepy eyes” and “strange” spotted skin.

Photo: Courtesy Elizabeth Faidley 

Faidley got upset and decided to send the toy to the doll hospital to make it look a bit less hideous. And who would have thought that she would be informed of the possibility of picking up the gift by the police? The officers demanded her to come to the police station with them immediately.

After talking to the detective, Elizabeth found out that the doll’s head was stuffed with 55 grams of cocaine that were discovered by the doll hospital employees after they removed the toy’s head. At least then it became clear why the woman paid $500 for that. The police said Faidley had nothing to do with the drugs and, obviously, was not a member of the international drug smuggling ring, so she was released home without a doll and, therefore, without cocaine.

The woman ended the post by wishing her friends a “mermaid-and-drug-free” Christmas, adding that if “cocaine accidentally shows up under your tree, know that I understand and that you tried your best.”