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Every week, our editorial team dugs up the funniest and the most ridiculous bits of news and prepares a compilation of life stories and situations, chucklesome videos, amusing texts, memes, and a variety of jokes and wisecracks to make you grin from ear to ear. Reading our selection of Weekly Fun stuff without a doubt equals having a whale of a time.

Weekly Fun: Toilet Paper Poker, Home Treadmill DIY, Covidiots, and Dogs Working from Home

In this Weekly Fun, we’ll tell you about how dogs work from home, an unusual compliment of a chef from Minnesota, and a robotic mouth that reads prayers.

Weekly Fun: Playing Tic-Tac-Toe with Pets, Stocking up on Marijuana, and Washing Hands to Your Favorite Songs

News websites are filled with articles about the novel coronavirus and the dire consequences of the globally spreading pandemic. Our compilation of funny stories is a beam of light in the land of coronavirus news.

Weekly Fun: A Pig That Started a Fire, the Vulcan Salute, and Short Legs That Got Millions of Views

This week features a story about a pig that started a fire, the Vulcan salute that protects from coronavirus, and short dog legs that got 4 million views.

Weekly Fun: A Squirrel That May Well Become a Billionaire, Fake Celebrities with Diamond Teeth, and Men’s Rules

This week features a little squirrel that may well become a billionaire in the future, an Italian celebrity with a diamond tooth, and some men’s rules.

Weekly Fun: Eating Pet Food, Cutting Books in Half, and a Polyamorous Marriage

This week features a story of a man who decided to eat nothing but pet food for a month, a writer who cuts books in half, and a trouple of newlyweds.

Weekly Fun: Amusing and Absurd Establishing Paternity Cases

This week features funny and absurd cases of establishing paternity as well as secrets of the most influential people in the world who get involved in legal proceedings, too.

Weekly Fun: Hilarious Valentine’s Day Memes and Valentines for Your Ex

This week features the funniest memes dedicated to Valentine's Day as well as list of phrases that you can use in Valentines to your ex.