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We’ve prepared a selection of the funniest memes dedicated to Valentine’s Day as well as the new trend called “Valentines for Your Ex.” Valentine’s day is a great occasion to say a couple of “nice” words to your ex.

Here’s a list of phrases that you can use when signing valentines to your ex:

• Your teeth are to blame. Yellow is the color of separation.
• I want to dedicate this holiday valentine to your mother as the main participant in our relationship.
• In making love with you, I mostly remember the creak. I still can’t understand if that was you or the bed.
• You’re just like the sun – a lonely yellow dwarf.
• I admit, sometimes, I lied to you. Mostly when you were standing in front of the mirror, asking if you were fat.
• In India, you would be sacred.
• The pig’s orgasm lasts 30 minutes. Lucky you!
• I am sitting here, eating these small bananas, thinking about you.
• Thanks to you, I found out how many rhombuses I have on my wallpaper.

The Lonely Island will tell you how to make your girl happy

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