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There’s no need to get kitties with bows, plant cacti, or cry about your “childless fate” in the evenings. Just find out about the tricks that sperm can do. Or do you still think that the stork is responsible for bringing babies to new parents? We’ve made a list of funny and absurd cases of establishing paternity and also gathered secrets of the most influential people. They, too, sometimes can be involved in legal proceedings related to the establishment of paternity.

A shocking incident occurred in the United States when the mother of a child was recognized as the child’s father. With the help of surgeons, a gay woman had sex-reassignment surgery and married her girlfriend. After a while, the couple wanted to feel all the charms of parenthood, and Tracey (who was now a husband) reached out to doctors because having a child would’ve been impossible without artificial insemination. The child needed to be registered after the birth, and since Tracy was a man by documents, she was granted paternity over the child.

Another no less curious case happened with twins in the USA. They were unknowingly seeing the same woman. Their meetings were very active, and, as a result, the woman got pregnant and said that one of the men was the father of the child. The guy refused to pay child support and filed a lawsuit in which he called his brother the real father of the child. After that, they had the establishment of family ties by means of DNA analysis. However, the test did not give the expected result as the twins’ genetic material is almost identical. Eventually, the analysis showed that both of them could be considered the fathers with a 99.9% probability.

A couple from Stuttgart in Germany could not have children for a long time. The reason for that was the husband’s infertility. The guy really wanted to please his spouse and decided to go to extremes by paying his neighbor to help the couple solve their problem. At that time, the neighbor was married and was raising two children. They’ve been trying to get pregnant for six months, and the enterprising husband also asked the neighbor to undergo a full medical examination. The results shocked everyone but his wife. The neighbor turned out to be sterile. How his wife explained the fact of having two sons remains a full-blown mystery.

Such stories happen in the world of stars, too. Anna Nicole Smith, the deceased Playboy model, had four people who claimed to be the fathers of her child who should’ve inherited a fortune. The men were a photographer, her ex-husband, one of her bodyguards, and her former lover. After the procedure of establishing paternity, the photographer was recognized as the child’s biological father, while the man who had been raising the child since she was a baby, did not receive anything.

A funny incident also occurred in the Netherlands. The couple successfully underwent the procedure of artificial insemination. In 9 months, they became lucky parents of twins. The couple knew something was wrong with that because one of the children had blond hair, fair skin, and blue eyes, while another had dark skin and black hair. As a result of the establishment of paternity, it turned out that the husband was a biological father to only one of the twins. Apparently, the employees of the institute have mixed the fertilizing material of a husband and a completely different person. The couple continued to raise children, but the company had to pay serious compensation for moral damage.

A man from Mexico shared a no less interesting case. He was forced to pay child support for a non-existent daughter. The man’s insidious ex-girlfriend fabricated documents on pregnancy, birth, and registration of the child who never existed. In an entirely incomprehensible way, a woman falsified the results of a DNA test, and the court ordered the man to pay child support. After two years of unsuccessful attempts, the man was finally able to prove the fact of fraud. The court sentenced the ex-girlfriend to 16 months in prison, and she also had to pay back all the money.

The former President of Paraguay Fernando Lugo admitted that he was the father of Guillermo Armindo Carrillo. The situation was only complicated by the fact that the child was conceived when Lugo was still a Catholic bishop. Later, he had to resign his ordinary from the Diocese in order to be able to pursue his political career.

The man from England had to wait for 22 years. At 16, the guy was diagnosed with leukemia. He was not taken aback and decided to freeze his genetic material. Successful treatment and a course of biochemical therapy brought a new sentence for the man – he became sterile. However, freezing his genetic material and the following artificial insemination allowed him and his wife to become parents of a charming daughter. By the way, freezing and storing genetic material for such a long time is a world record.