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In Pakistan, your ex a donkey was arrested for participating in gambling

In the Pakistani province of Punjab, police arrested gambling fans, namely a donkey and eight people. According to local media, all those arrested were involved in illegal gambling races.

The donkey tried to go on bail, but the plan failed, and now the animal has to be kept near the police station. According to the Punjabi authorities' representatives, it is impossible to release the donkey since its nickname appears in the criminal case materials.

Weekly Fun: Wild Goats Taking Over a Town and a Guy Dressed up as a Bush
This week’s stories feature wild goats taking over a town, a guy dressed up as a bush, face masks with a vulva design, and ways of how to make it look like you’re working when you are actually not.

A raccoon named Governor runs goats: this is what well-coordinated work in an open plan looks like

What could be better than watching a video about a raccoon named Governor that is herding a group of goats to a pen on a hot summer day? Probably only cold beer and three scoops of vanilla ice cream could be better than that. We don’t know if you have any of the above, but in any case, we have a video for you with a shepherd raccoon.

The video was uploaded by the TikTok user ryan_kadyk_. In just two days, the video gained more than 1.2 million views.


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Weekly Fun: Squirrels Taking Over Parks and Saying ‘Sorry’ 500 Times
This week’s stories feature a developer who created a neural network that talks to people instead of him, a fan-made remake of ‘Back to the Future,’ and a bulldog delivering cookies to neighbors to feel less lonely.

Clubs have been opened in the Netherlands! But you can only dance while sitting on a chair

Doornroosje nightclub in the Dutch city of Nijmegen opened to visitors after the outbreak of the novel coronavirus. In order not to provoke new infections, guests were allowed to dance only while sitting on chairs. The new rules of the nightclub allow club members to gather in groups of no more than 30 people at a time. Also, now you need to book tickets in advance on the club’s website. Well, and all parties are now held in the afternoon. Surprisingly, all visitors were satisfied with this new format. Everyone moved their bodies and waved their hands, even if they could only do this while sitting on the chairs.

A stern sparrow knocks a competitor out of the battle for potatoes

We will simply describe what is happening as it is better to see it once than read about it ten times. One sparrow aimed to have a meal of French fries from a gentle lady’s hand, when another fellow sparrow suddenly came up from nowhere and knocked a competitor out of a banquet! After this, it will not be of surprise at all to once read a headline that goes, “A flock of sparrows collects tribute from cats and keeps the urban fauna in awe.”

For those who have already passed Google Chrome’s T-Rex Runner: a new game appeared in the header of the browser tab, and this is not a joke!

Image: GIPHY

Realistic saturated graphics, entertaining gameplay, and exciting locations – we are not talking about the TitleRun game, it is hard to imagine a more minimalistic game. It only works in the title bar of the tab, so it’s kind of the T-Rex dino game from Chrome, only smaller. At the same time, the game is quite full-fledged. In it, you can run and overcome obstacles – it’s a tinier version of Super Mario. The game was developed by Janniks, who also left the source for TitleRun on GitHub with instructions on how to create your own map. The game works in Chrome and other browsers based on Chromium, as well as in Opera, Safari, and Firefox. You can try it here.

Instagram of the day for “Where’s Wally” games’ lovers

Do you remember the popular Where’s Wally book? And the Where’s the Cat series of pictures? And if you can find Wally or the cat with your eyes closed in a split second, we have a new and more difficult task for you.

This opportunity was provided by the authors of the Subtle Dildo blog, who launched a similar game. Each time the guys publish photos with different scenes, and their followers look for a hidden dildo on them. This Instagram pearl is already 5 years old, so you will have enough puzzles to solve for several weeks.