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A thief fox who stole over 100 pairs of shoes from the locals was busted in Berlin

The fox became famous all over the world for stealing slippers and other shoes from people. It happened in the southwest of Berlin in the borough of Zehlendorf. The thing is that one of the local residents noticed that his sneaker was mysteriously missing. He decided to address this question to the Internet resource Nebenan.de, and it turned out that he was not the only one with a similar problem. Christian Meyer noticed a fox with blue slippers in its teeth in the yard. He followed her for almost an hour and found a warehouse of stolen shoes.

Ryan Reynolds offers a $5,000 reward for a stolen teddy bear

The loss was reported by a woman named Mara Soriano, for whom the toy is very valuable because the bear has a built-in voice recording with the last words of her mother who died of cancer. The mother's voice changed greatly during the illness, and this recording remained the only reminder of how it sounded before the treatment. Ryan Reynolds could not ignore the situation and said that he would pay a reward of $5,000 to whoever finds the bear. Earlier, Zach Braff and Dan Levy also supported the search for the bear.

A golden mask worth $4,000 should protect you against COVID-19

Indian businessman Shankar Kurade wears a golden mask. He gave 4 thousand dollars for it and is sure that it is able to protect him from the coronavirus since he is not sure about the effectiveness of protective masks.

In the United States, a Labrador was awarded an honorary doctorate degree from the Virginia Tech

A Labrador was awarded an honorary doctorate degree from Virginia Tech in the United States. The Labrador is a member of the University Advisory Center team and accompanies students with mental disorders, namely helping students relax while talking with a psychologist. Over the six years, the Labrador has served 7,500 student appointments and attended 500 mental health events. In early 2020, the dog was diagnosed with cancer. He has already undergone radiation treatment and will continue to receive further treatment.

A “Friends” intro with stock footage

The Friends series, widely beloved by everyone, is firmly entrenched in the conscious and unconscious, so we can accurately retell the intro of the series and even sing its soundtrack. British comedian Matthew Highton can perfectly retell the intro of his favorite series, because he carefully recreated it, frame by frame, with similar footage from bank stocks.

Video of a corgi puppy singing along to music in the car has been watched almost 2 million times

Another funny video with a pupper. In this video, a corgi puppy rides in a car with his little owner and sings along – it's better to say howls along – with the performer Frank Ocean. Click Play and enjoy the magical performance of such a familiar melody.