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Rudy Giuliani’s hair dye was melting off his face during a press conference on election fraud

Giuliani spoke in Washington on November 19, talking about alleged violations during the US presidential elections, and was sweating heavily, which caused streams of hair dye to flow down his cheeks (most likely, it was hair dye for sideburns).

Twitter users have already compared Trump's lawyer with iconic villains such as the Penguin from The Batman movies, Zorg from The Fifth Element, and even Baron Vladimir Harkonnen from David Lynch's film adaptation of Dune.

Instagram investigation: how the Pope's like ended up under a photo of a scantily dressed Brazilian model

The Pope's official Instagram account has 7.4 million followers and is run by a group of social media specialists. It is difficult to hide something on the web, so netizens quickly noticed that the Pope's official account liked a photo of a model in a schoolgirl costume. After that, the model wrote that at least she will go to heaven. The next day, the like disappeared from the model's photo.

The Vatican said that it is not yet clear whether the Pope's account was hacked.

The world's first Christmas song for dogs

"Raise The Woof" is the first Christmas song for dogs. It was created based on the scientific research on how dogs interact with sound as well as information from behaviorists.

And it seems that dogs are fond of this song. Try listening to it, too!