NFT continues to be in the spotlight, and a toilet paper brand called Charmin decided to enter this fast-growing market. The brand decided to create and sell its own line of non-fungible tokens called NFT (P), which means non-fungible toilet paper.

The brand launched its own non-fungible tokens for sale on a popular platform called Rarible. In a Twitter announcement, Charmin officials said, "Sometimes a better bathroom experience goes beyond the seat, that’s why were rolling out the first-ever NFT art by a toilet paper brand!"

The collection includes five NFTs, all of which are up for auction. At the time of this writing, 1.85 ETH is being offered for the entire bundle. However, the release of this NFT should not be taken too seriously. The company announced that all proceeds will go to the Direct Relief charitable foundation, which is engaged in the search and supply of vital medicines to regions in need.

NFT is now the brightest and most talked about element of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. The digital art space is growing faster than any other part of the industry. For example, digital artist Beeple has recently sold a non-fungible token for a record $ 69 million. No wonder everyone wants their piece of the pie.

The recent surge in popularity of non-fungible tokens has brought the broadest and most diverse group of people and companies to the market. Everyone, from musicians and artists to athletes and entrepreneurs, is in a hurry to join the new trend.

Recently, the rapper and co-founder of the failed music concert Fyre Festival Ja Rule has joined the market. He is now selling a physical NFT of the Fyre Festival oil painting.

Fast food chain Taco Bell released and sold digital tacos last week, topping the list of the most ridiculous NFTs. However, Charmin with toilet NFT has a good chance of surpassing the leader.

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The good news is that most of the big companies that launch NFTs donate all proceeds to charity. The NFT industry will continue to grow, and we will likely see more companies launching NFTs in the future.