2020 United States presidential election

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The 2020 US presidential election will be held on Tuesday, November 3, and will become the 59th presidential election in the United States. Voters will elect a presidential electorate that, in turn, will elect a new president and vice president of the United States through a college of voters.

Weekly Fun: An Albino Turtle and a Press Conference at a Gardening Store

This week’s Weekly Fun features a press conference that was held at a gardening store, an albino turtle, and Kanye West, who plans to participate in future elections.

Facebook and Instagram Notifications Will Show the Presidential Election Result

Facebook and Instagram notifications will run across the top of both platforms, and labels on Trump and Biden's posts will include the projected winner's name.

Bitcoin Hits $14,000 on US Presidential Election Day

It’s no surprise that the new Bitcoin leap coincided with the US presidential elections. In previous elections, the situation was the same: in November 2016, the Bitcoin rate rushed up, and the cryptocurrency rose from $700 to $20,000 by mid-December 2017.

US Election 2020 Results: The Presidential Race Between Trump and Biden Continues

It is still unclear who won the presidency. The race for the White House head between Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden continues.

Snapchat Now Helps Users Recognize Food and Wine

Now, Snapchat can determine the composition of the products, their rating, and the wines' compatibility. In the future, the Snapchat team plans to build an entire AR platform in the app.

Weekly Fun: Jeff Bezos Memes and Keanu Reeves at a Teddy Bear Convention

This week’s Weekly Fun features young Keanu Reeves at a teddy bear convention, memes about Jeff Bezos, Samuel L. Jackson teaching voters how to swear, and an awkward sketch that won in a drawing competition.

TikTok Launched an in-App US Election Guide to Fight Misinformation

The guide will provide users with useful resources and materials on media literacy, voting, and candidates in an effort to stop the spread of misinformation during the elections period.

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