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Keanu Reeves reports from a teddy bear convention

The video itself first appeared on television 36 years ago, when yet unknown Reeves was working as a reporter for this channel. The reportage was about the Canadian International Teddy Bear Convention. Keanu asked people very important questions like, “Why teddy bears are always called Teddy Bear?” He also talked to toys and even fought with one of them.

Jeff Bezos will soon become a meme: netizens compare the billionaire with Stonks

If famous people are not joked about on the Internet, the first place on the Forbes list means nothing. For example, Elon Musk was already a hero of memes, but Jeff Bezos wasn’t, so it’s his turn now. He became the new hero of jokes after netizens noticed that he looked like the hero of the popular meme Stonks.

Who is Stonks?

Memes about Stonks appeared in 2014, but became popular about a year ago. A template for jokes was a picture of a 3D model of a person standing against the background of a table with a stock chart. This meme is used when someone makes a knowingly unprofitable investment.

Why did Jeff Bezos become the hero of memes?

Netizens have noticed that Jeff and Stonks are very similar. There will be a lot of memes featuring Jeff very soon, so catch the wave.

Samuel L. Jackson will teach you to swear in 15 languages if you register for the forthcoming US elections

American actor Samuel L. Jackson has promised his followers that he will teach them to swear in 15 different languages if they register to vote in the US presidential election.

Two days later, the required number of registered people had accumulated, and Jackson fulfilled his promise.

An awkward sketch won in drawing competition

The entertainment site Lomunidad organized a competition. The artists had to draw their favorite pet dogs. However, an unexpected drawing turned out to be a winner.

¡FELICIDADES a los dos ganadores del concurso del dibujo de FIRULAIS!🥳🥳 Recuerden que el ganador de esta dinámica se eligió por likes 🥺🥺

Posted by Lomunidad on Saturday, September 26, 2020

Among the participants were very serious pencil and watercolor drawings, but Jay Cartner decided to use another strategy. To take part in the competition, she published a simple sketch of her beloved dog named Stanley. And she won! After all, users chose the champion with their likes. Here is the original:

Jay received many positive reviews about her sketches that she decided to create Instagram and Facebook pages, where she uploads sketches of her own and other people's animals (mostly dogs).