The situation with the US presidential elections is quite complicated. After the election night, it is still unclear who won the presidency. Forecasts on how some states would vote do not come true, so it is too early to make final announcements.

The race for the White House head between the current President, Republican Donald Trump, and Democrat Joe Biden continues. Trump leads in Pennsylvania (20 electoral votes), Georgia and Michigan (16 electoral votes), North Carolina (15 electoral votes), and Wisconsin (10 electoral votes). Biden leads in Nevada (6 electors), Arizona (11 electoral votes). Also, Trump is leading in Alaska (3 electoral votes). In total, Joe Biden has 238 electoral votes, while Trump has 213, and both have a real chance of being elected.

TikTok Launched an in-App US Election Guide to Fight Misinformation
The guide will provide users with useful resources and materials on media literacy, voting, and candidates in an effort to stop the spread of misinformation during the elections period.

Some political analysts pointed out that Trump was likely to win the vote on election day. But then the counting of votes will begin, which were cast by mail and ahead of schedule. According to preliminary estimates, Biden's supporters voted ahead of schedule by mail. Therefore, it is too early to speak of an unconditional victory for the current President.

Facebook Will Pay Users to Deactivate Their Accounts Before the Election
As part of the research experiment, Facebook will pay some of its users to stop using the company’s apps for a while before the upcoming Election Day in the USA.

Trump has managed to retain votes in important regions for him, including Florida and Texas. According to him, the elections' outcome should have depended mainly on the results in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan, where the current President is also in the lead.

But everything will be decided over another week, at least in some states, when all postal votes can be counted. Therefore, it will not be possible to name the new President of the United States for several following days.