The Snapchat social networking app now has a food and wine scanner. Users can now find out the composition of the products, their rating, and the wines' compatibility.

It is quite easy to use: the user should point the camera at the label, and then Snapchat will show the product's ingredients, production date, and how healthy it is. If you scan a wine's label, you can find out its price, rating, and taste characteristics. The social network uses the Yuka and Vivino services for this database, which in total contains about 1 million products and 12 million types of wine.

Snapchat isn't just a goofy face filters app anymore. Previously, Snapchat messenger introduced third-party apps that run on their platform and do not require installation. The company wants users to be able to complete most tasks without leaving Snapchat. Third-party apps are embedded in Snapchat using HTML5 and work on all devices. They can be found through the search.

For example, the application already knows how to identify plant species, dog breeds, solve mathematical equations, and find songs. Snapchat plans to build an entire AR platform in the future.

Also, this year, Snapchat helped over 1 million people to sign up for the US presidential election through the app. Snapchat helped 56% of users to register for elections and vote for the first time.

By the end of the year, the messenger will have applications for scheduling classes, studying, buying movie tickets, and even attending music festivals.