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5G is the name used in some scientific papers and projects to refer to the telecommunication standards for mobile networks after the 4G/IMT-Advanced Standards. It is anticipated that the deployment of new technologies will take several stages. Initially, 5G NR non-standalone will be implemented, which uses the existing 4G LTE network.

China Announces the Start of the 6G Network Development

Humanity has no sooner got used to 4G, and China has already invented 5G Internet speed. Nowadays, the researchers are busy with 6G.

Introduction of the New Samsung’s Exynos 990 Processor

Samsung has announced the new flagman Exynos 990 chipset that will probably power the new Samsung Galaxy 11. The company is planning to manufacture the processor with its own 7nm EUV process.

Huawei Said the Company Suffers from at least 1 Million Cyberattacks Daily

Huawei company is sick and tired of regular cyberattacks initiated by U.S. agents.

The Return of the iPhone 4 Is on Its Way

In 2020, Apple will present a brand-new iPhone design. It will gather all-time favorites such as the glowing Apple logo like in MacBooks, the stainless steel frame like in iPhone 4, and of course there will be innovations as well.