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5G is the name used in some scientific papers and projects to refer to the telecommunication standards for mobile networks after the 4G/IMT-Advanced Standards. It is anticipated that the deployment of new technologies will take several stages. Initially, 5G NR non-standalone will be implemented, which uses the existing 4G LTE network.

5GBioShield USB Key Doesn't Protect From 5G Radiation

How to make money during a pandemic and the development of 5G? In Britain, fraudsters began selling cheap USB keys for $374, passing them off as a device that would protect against 5G radiation.

Xiaomi Will Release a 5G Smartphone for Less Than $150

Last fall, Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun said that by 2021, a 5G smartphone worth $140 would be a reality. The Chinese company keeps the promise, and it will release a budget smartphone with 5G support in November.

TCL Announced Prices and Specs for Its TCL 10 Pro, 10 5G, and 10L Smartphones

TCL is finally officially launching its first full-fledged smartphone line under its brand. The smartphones feature four cameras and 5G for less than $500.

YouTube Will Limit the Spread of False Coronavirus 5G Theory Videos

YouTube will reduce the number of videos on its platform with false facts about the connection between 5G technology and the coronavirus outbreak.

British 5G Towers Are Being Set on Fire Due to Bogus Conspiracy Theories That Link 5G With the Coronavirus Outbreak

Locals of Birmingham and Merseyside set fire to three 5G stations. The reason for this protest gesture was the belief that the outbreak of the novel coronavirus occurred due to the harmful effects of the fifth-generation networks.

The New Flagship Smartphone OnePlus 8 Pro Received a Record Display Brightness

Let’s hope that the presentation of the new OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro will not be postponed due to the coronavirus quarantine and that and the new flagships will be presented on April 15.

China Announces the Start of the 6G Network Development

Humanity has no sooner got used to 4G, and China has already invented 5G Internet speed. Nowadays, the researchers are busy with 6G.

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