As the new year is fast approaching, many of us wonder what the coming year is preparing for us. For such curious people, we have compiled a list of 14 predictions for the upcoming year. Add this article to bookmarks to then check whether any of them came true!

  1. Internet access will be available from 85% of the Earth's surface. It will mainly become wireless and very cheap.
  2. Computer programs will learn to create art objects that people are capable of creating, or even better than them. AI-generated paintings, musical compositions, and sculptures will appear. AI can already write songs, create paintings and books.
  3. Paper books will become uncommon. The primary means for viewing texts will be thin, lightweight, portable displays with very high resolution. More and more people are switching to Internet media.
  4. There will be more Tesla cars on the roads.
  5. Flexible smartphones-bracelets will become more affordable.
  6. Ford will begin producing self-driving cars at affordable prices.
  7. Male birth control options will be on sale.
  8. Mass production of self-driving cars from Baidu will begin.
  9. 5G networks and Bluetooth 5 will be widely used around the world. Widespread use of the Internet of Things.
  10. In Japan, AI will choose treatment for lung and breast cancer.
  11. An effective heat shock protein-based cancer drug will be widely tested.
  12. Mass production of artificial meat that can be bought in any supermarket will begin.
  13. Swedish scientists will decipher the language of dolphins.
  14. End of fundraising for the construction of the space station of the independent space nation of Asgardia.
  15. A drug based on YKL 06-061 protein, which makes the skin tan even without the sun, will be developed.