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Amazon Alexa is a virtual assistant AI technology developed by Amazon and first used in the Amazon Echo smart speakers. Amazon Alexa can set the alarm, stream podcasts, play music, provide information on traffic, sport, and weather, etc.

Fitbit Unveils New Smartwatches to Help You Manage Stress

Fitbit is going to release two new models of smartwatches – Sense and Versa 3. Versa 3 is the successor of the previous version of Versa 2, and the Sense model is the flagship option.

Wyze Labs Leaves Sensitive Data of 24 Million Users Exposed Online

The company says that the data leak occurred because of a human error that resulted in the temporary removal of security protocols on December 4th.

Devices and Updates of Amazon You Should Try. Post-Presentation Details

The bunch of smart devices are now available for shopping. See the future Amazon bestsellers.

Facebook Introduces Portal TV Consoles with Alexa AI Assistance

Facebook moves on with its hardware development. Portal TV console lineup with a voice control function for snap calls.

Alexa Asks Users for help. Thumbs-up or Thumbs-Down to Find the Truth

Alexa will be smarter, thanks to the Amazon users. Alexa Answers program is on its way, launch in December 2019.

Amazon Hardware Fall Presentation. Smart Devices for Your Apartment

Amazon is also going to show new devices this September. Another smart gadget lineup for smart houses?

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