On Wednesday, September 25, Amazon showed all the new and refreshed hardware.
The list was long enough, including the 15 items for everyday usage. Smart, advanced, responsive, and surprising house appliances you can control with your voice are worth trying.

Echo lineup became more extensive, and some items were really unexpected. Amazon offers not only smart home devices but also gadgets you can put on or take with you while the tasks you need can be completed with a voice commander.

So, the Echo Loop is a smart titanium ring you can put on a finger and speak to Alexa via the microphone. It costs $129.

Echo Frames are the classic glasses equipped with access to Alexa so the smartphone can stay in your pocket or bag. The price starts at $179.

Echo Buds another small and handy assistant for hands-free usage. They provide well-balanced sound and proper isolation for 5 hours of continuous usage. These headphones connect with any voice assistant you have, Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant and cost $129.

If you want to have master-chef in your kitchen, Alexa Smart Oven is a good nominee. Amazon backed this oven with a system that can advise you the best mode for a particular meal. Plus, it acts as microwave, convection cooking, and fries with hot air. Browse it on the site for $249.00 preorder price.

Amazon showed the Fetch pet tracker, which probably can be another bestseller. Fetch is a small cute device with Amazon Sidewalk standard which connects to the collar of your pet and transmits a signal about the current location of the four-legged companion. However, the company noted that Fetch gadget will come later in 2020.

Echo Speakers, Dots, Smart Displays, Ring indoor camera, Smart laps, Echo Flex, and Eeri Wi-Fi router can easily fit the interior and make your housekeeping more advanced. If something caught your eye, learn more in Amazon reviews.