This year, Black Friday will be on November 27. In order not to wake up on Saturday with a bunch of unnecessary things and empty pockets, it's better to start getting ready now! In this article, we'll show you how to save money during the sales period.

1. Savings

If you have an unlimited credit card in your wallet, feel free to skip this paragraph. Everyone else who wants to prepare for the day of sales will have to give up shopping for a while. About a month before the discounts, do not buy any gadgets or appliances, clothing and cosmetics, and purchase only the most necessary things like food and medical supplies. Remember: you will be able to buy everything else with a big discount soon.

2. Self-control

A sale should be treated exclusively as an opportunity to buy the necessary things at a discount, that is, to buy something you’d have to be spent money on in any case. Ask yourself the question: "Will I buy this without a discount?" If the answer is yes, you know what to do, and if it’s no, buy it sometime in the future.

3. Lists

To save not only money but also time, shop online. Therefore, find things that have passed the test from the previous paragraph in online stores and add them to a special list. For example, you can create a document in Google Docs and write down the price before the discount there. This way, you can also track whether the store has pulled the trick of raising the price before sales and lowering it to the original after.

4. Newsletter

In order not to miss the start of sales, you should subscribe to the newsletter of online stores you are interested in. A few days before Black Friday, you will start to receive letters saying approximately the following: “It is Brown Wednesday Already! Sale! Get your 15% discount!”

5. Sales calendar

Even if you didn’t manage to buy something on Black Friday, New Year and Christmas sales with nice discounts will begin in a month!