Singles' Day in China is also known as World Shopping Day. For those interested in Chinese store sales this year, we have prepared practical tips for Singles' Day 2020.

Singles' Day is a modern Chinese holiday dedicated to unmarried people. The Chinese believe that it is best to start a relationship on such a day as 11/11 (four ones in a row). This day has become the main holiday of sales and discounts in the country and an analog of the American Black Friday.

Today is one of the most beloved and desired days for shopaholics from all over the world. This is China's Singles' Day 2020, which traditionally takes place on November 11. The holiday of "lonely hearts" very quickly became famous not only in China but also abroad. 11/11 has long been an important trading event not only in China, but also in the whole world, along with Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Chinese Singles' Day: the history of the holiday

For the first time, Singles' Day was celebrated back in the 90s by some universities in Nanjing. The date was not chosen randomly – four ones symbolize lonely people. On this day, it is customary to both cheerfully and fervently celebrate your bachelor status, and start a relationship, since 1111 is a symbol of family happiness. The holiday has gained wide popularity thanks to massive sales in Chinese stores. Singles' Day sales show impressive growth every year. This has made Chinese Singles' Day the largest online shopping event in the world.

Chinese Singles' Day 2020: where and what to buy on World Shopping Day?

Many Chinese sites (for example, AliExpress, Tom Top, Tinydeal, Bang Good) offer a huge selection of cheap goods from a wide variety of categories: clothes, shoes, smartphones, home and garden appliances, laptops, etc. On the other hand, some Chinese sites are known for their specialization in certain industries. For example, GearBest and Geek Buying sites, which offer inexpensive gadgets and devices, drones and 3D printers.

Mass sales in China 2020: the best online websites to shop at

Online store URL What to buy
GearBest Smartphones, gadgets, drones, robot vacuums
AliExpress Clothes, smartphones, electronic devices, gadgets
Bang good Clothes, smartphones, electronic devices
Geek Buying Electronic devices, gadgets Toys, clothes, sportswear
Light in the box Clothes, electronic devices, gadgets
Tom Top Electronic devices, clothes
ZAFUL Women's wear, swimsuits
Tidebuy Women's Wear
ROSEWE Women's wear, swimsuits
TVC-Mall Smartphones, electronic devices, gadgets
RC moment Toys, Gadgets
Rose gal Vintage clothes
Soufeel Jewelry
DX (Deal Extreme) Electronic devices, gadgets
SHEIN Women's wear
Rotita Women's wear
Dress Lily Women's wear, plus size clothing
Tmart Electronic devices, gadgets

Tips for Singles' Day 2020:

Are big sales the reason why you cannot sleep? Our recommendations for Singles' Day will come in handy! They will help you organize your shopping process faster and more efficiently on November 11.

  1. AliExpress is the most famous Chinese marketplace in the world. 11/11/2020 will be a very hot day on Aliexpress. Therefore, if you want to get a product at a special discount, add the items you are interested in to the bag in advance. Once the discounts take effect, you can quickly proceed to checkout.
  2. When buying on AliExpress, please see the Seller Ratings.
  3. Read user reviews of the product.
  4. Compare prices for the product you are interested in on at least two Chinese sites.
  5. However, do not delay purchasing the product you like for too long – nice deals can quickly end.
  6. Check shipping terms – some sellers offer free shipping worldwide.
  7. Pay attention to tax and customs regulations.
  8. Check if the site address starts with https – this connection ensures a secure transaction.
  9. Save all purchase confirmation emails.
  10. If you buy clothes, check your clothing size in advance. After all, Chinese sizes usually differ from European ones.
  11. If you buy electrical appliances, make sure that the plug is suitable for your country. Otherwise, an appropriate adapter must be included.

Have a nice shopping day today!