Today is finally Black Friday– the day of huge or, at least, just pleasant discounts. And if you have long wanted to buy chic lingerie or a game on Steam, now is about time to cheer yourself up with a purchase.



Natural materials, lack of cheap synthetic lace and silicone inserts are what we expect from the new generation of lingerie brands. The best option for those who know their size without fitting is to buy lingerie online. Journelle is the most popular multi-brand online store. Check it out for loungewear, gifts, and wedding accessories as well.

Affordable clothes

It is impossible to ignore the affordable online store ASOS in this list. ASOS warm outerwear and shoes that can save you this winter are the most humane in terms of the most advantageous combination of cost, quality, and sustainability.

Pricey clothes

For many people, huge discounts are the only opportunity to buy clothes from premium brands. On Farfetch, you should first pay attention to things that will last you more than one or two seasons, for instance, bags and shoes.


Basic beauty products

You can find excellent basic brands in Sephora. The main thing is to control yourself and choose what you really need. For example, a nourishing face cream, serum, or and body cream.



Offering beautiful, functional, and yet inexpensive furniture and home accessories is a task that IKEA almost single-handedly does (by the way, IKEA offers no discounts on Black Friday). Fortunately, in recent years, other manufacturers have joined IKEA as well, with home departments appearing at H&M and Zara.

Home appliances

Buying household appliances is not intuitively perceived as a festive affair. We propose to forget about stereotypes and love everything you sincerely want to love, be it cleaning or cooking. Fortunately, saving gadgets and beautiful things for all these are produced in tons every year.

Sex toys

Online shopping also saves when buying sex toys: not everyone is ready to go to a physical sex shop. In a virtual one, in turn, you can spend hours looking at various things. If this is your first such purchase, we recommend buying the must-have of any bedside table – an elegant version of the powerful Magic Wand.



Steam, the largest platform for playing all your favorite games, is famous for its offers and sales even without Black Friday. If you are still in doubt about what to spend your winter holidays (or your days off) on, now is your chance to decide. Our personal top list: Life Is Strange, Mirror's Edge, beautiful The Banner Saga and Ori and the Blind Forest, as well as the second Portal (get ready to tear your hair) and the mysterious The Stanley Parable (don't believe those who don't consider it a game).


The book is man's best friend and the best gift. If you have long dreamed of an e-book, choose Kindle, especially when it is on sale. If the technical advantages of Kindle do not appeal to you, then the size of the Amazon library and the affordable prices of books will not leave anyone indifferent.