Sony has unveiled new colorful cover plates for the PlayStation 5 Slim at this year's CES conference. These plates are designed to give the compact version of the console a vibrant makeover.

Unlike the standard PS5 model, these new cover plates have a full matte finish, providing both style and protection from scratches. Available colors include red, blue, and silver, with the silver option paying homage to the original PlayStation. Sony is also working on releasing black side panels, offering more customization choices for gamers. These plates will be priced at $54.99.

The PlayStation 5 Slim sets itself apart from the regular console with its smaller form factor, detachable disc drive, and an upgraded 1TB of storage. This design not only adds convenience but also brings down manufacturing costs, contributing to the success of the PS5, with over 50 million units sold to date.

Sony Unveils a Redesigned PS5 with a Detachable Disc Drive
The PS5 Slim has reduced its size by over 30% and weight by 18% to 24% compared to its predecessors, making it more portable. Sony plans to launch it in the U.S. this November, gradually expanding its availability worldwide.

Sony plans to release these new cover plates early this year, giving PS5 Slim owners an exciting opportunity to customize their consoles. Whether you prefer a classic look or a pop of color, these side panels will help you refresh the appearance of your gaming setup.