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Clubhouse is an audio-only social networking app launched in 2020 by software developers Alpha Exploration Co. Clubhouse is currently only available on iOS and to join the app, you need an invitation from an existing user.

Clubhouse Reinvents Itself as an Audio Messaging App with a New Chats Feature

The new Clubhouse is now available on both iOS and Android. It aims to offer a more social and personalized messaging experience, allowing users to connect with friends and even friends of friends through voice.

Twitter Tried to Acquire Clubhouse for $4 Billion

Clubhouse plans to attract funding from investors with a valuation of $4 billion. There is still no information as to how much investment Clubhouse wants to draw in the new round and who will participate in it. In January, Clubhouse raised funding from Andreessen Horowitz.

Clubhouse Introduces Payments to Help Creators Monetize

Clubhouse launched Payments, the first opportunity for content creators to monetize their activity. At first, only a small test group will be able to receive donations, but all users can already send money.

Why Is Clubhouse Recording Your Conversations? The Platform's Major Privacy Issues

The voice chat service instantly gained the status of an elite platform with millions of fans. However, its users raise serious concerns about the app's questionable privacy and security practices, and using it could cause troubles.

Discord Launches Stage Channels, a Clubhouse-Like Audio Feature

The Discord service has launched an analog of Clubhouse rooms in its application. The Stage Channels feature will be organized in such a way that the moderators of the discussion could understand who is waiting in line to speak.

LinkedIn Is Another Social Media Platform That Works on a Clubhouse Analog

The company has already officially confirmed that it is creating a voice communication feature. LinkedIn is currently testing ideas on how to add voice chats to events and groups sections to give users even more opportunities for communication.

Clubhouse Launches Creator First Accelerator Program to Help Users Monetize

Clubhouse has announced the launch of a monetization program for creators on its platform. The app will provide aspiring creators with resources to help them make money from their shows, partner with brands, and build their audiences.

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