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Dating sites are websites that allow people to find and introduce themselves to potential partners for personal, romantic, or sexual relationships.

How I’ve Been Testing Dating Apps for a Week and Never Met Anyone

This text is a translation of an article by a Russian startupper about how he has been testing the leading dating apps on the market, such as Tinder, Badoo, etc.

How the Adult Industry Uses Cryptocurrency: Part 1

Not only banks are interested in cryptocurrency. So are farmers, energy companies, and the sex industry that includes sex shops, pornography companies, and dating sites.

Tainted Love or How Women Rip Single Men off

The insidious seducers have come up with multiple ways of ripping off single men, especially those who visit dating websites. Find out their most common methods and don't let them fool you.

Top 4 Dating Sites That Fit Everyone’s Taste

Don't want to lower your expectations for your significant other and find it challenging to find a special person because nobody shares your passions? Try these dating sites.

6 Rules That Will Protect You from a Marriage Swindler

If your destiny has brought you to the dating site, the main thing you should remember is to keep your sanity. We might help you do that by providing you with tips on how to protect yourself from a marriage swindler.

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