Dating sites are far more popular than dating apps.

Sociologists at Stanford University and the University of New Mexico have published the results of a study of romantic relationships in the United States. The most popular way for American couples to meet in 2020 was online communication – about 48% of people surveyed met this way.

Meeting through friends has been in decline from roughly 1995 to 2017. Throughout these years, it lost its popularity from 33% to 20%.

Online dating, however, has almost doubled since 2009. As the researchers explained, society has become more relaxed about the couples that have formed thanks to the Internet, and in the past, people tried to hide their dating history and came up with something more traditional.

How I’ve Been Testing Dating Apps for a Week and Never Met Anyone
This text is a translation of an article by a Russian startupper about how he has been testing the leading dating apps on the market, such as Tinder, Badoo, etc.

Interestingly, most of the life-changing online encounters take place via dating sites, not dating apps. It is also noted that the number of strangers who first meet online has increased since 2009 from 81% to 90%.

The study led scientists to the conclusion that online dating led to an increase in the number of interracial and interreligious marriages. There were more couples with different education levels, but partners became closer to each other in age.