Everything used to develop at a steady pace, but now everything happens too fast. Man Repeller came up with a meme about how dating will change after the pandemic.

Man Repeller, a popular fashion and lifestyle website, has presented a new dating timeline of 2021. Artist Liana Finck drew parallel timelines for visual comparison of dating "before" and "after" quarantine.

According to the scheme's authors, dating used to be more predictable and measured, with the observance of certain stages. For example, the third date followed the second one, then was meeting with each other’s friends, discussing mental traumas, and meeting with parents.

Due to quarantine, the couples have a long break, after which they meet and immediately move in together, and then events unfold several times faster, as if the couple is trying to catch up. Lovers manage to arrange an engagement, postpone the wedding, think about breaking up, and then get back together again.