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Donald Trump is an American statesman, politician, entrepreneur, current president of the United States of America since January 20, 2017.

Donald Trump Is Considering a TikTok Ban in the U.S. Over Coronavirus

Trump blames China for the spread of coronavirus, so he wants to punish the Beijing government and ban most Chinese apps. There is no exact list yet, but TikTok will be the first application that the U.S. authorities will ban.

Donald Trump Extended Sanctions Against Huawei Until May 2021

U.S. President Donald Trump has extended an order that prohibits U.S. companies from using telecommunications equipment manufactured by companies that pose a threat to U.S national security.

A Detailed Coronavirus Treatment Plan from Dr. Vladimir Zelenko

We received an exclusive letter from Dr. Vladimir Zelenko again, in which he told his story and shared his COVID-19 treatment plan in detail.

How to Cure Coronavirus: an Exclusive Letter From Dr. Zelenko to Donald Trump

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko sent a letter to Donald Trump about how to solve a global problem — how to cure coronavirus! This exclusive letter fell into our hands, and now we are sharing it with you.

Google Launches an Educational Website About the Novel Coronavirus

Google unveiled an educational coronavirus website along with enhancing Search options for those seeking information about the novel coronavirus.

Donald Trump’s Campaign Buys Top Advertising Spot on YouTube’s Homepage in the Run-Up to the Election Day

The company did not provide any comments on Trump’s purchase but confirmed that political advertisers indeed could purchase masthead ads.

The Most Realistic Simulation of the Presidential Race: The US Presidential Candidate Strikes Back

If you haven’t played fighting games for a long time, feel free to try the new Andrew Yang video game where he crushes his opponents down with incredible hooks.

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