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Mexican sailors rescued a Labrador during a flood

Due to heavy rains and a hurricane, flooding occurred in Mexico. One of its victims could have been a dog, had the sailors not found him. The sailors were on a boat along the flooded street searching for people in need of help, but instead of a person, they found a dog – the Labrador was desperately holding onto the balcony so as not to go under the water.

The dog was taken to a safe place later.

Netflix failed: Dwayne Johnson didn’t fit into a sports car for a new movie

Wrestler and actor Dwayne Johnson, nicknamed The Rock, shared a funny story with fans on his Instagram page. According to the movie star, he did not fit into a specially ordered sports car on the set of a new Netflix movie called Red Notice.

Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds star in the movie as well, along with Johnson. The premiere is scheduled for 2021.

In Spain, the sculpture was unsuccessfully restored, and it now looks like Trump

In Palencia, another poor-quality restoration was done – the sculpture on the facade of a historic building was restored so that it now looks like Donald Trump.

Instead of a headscarf, the sculpture now has a swirl of bangs, which Twitter users believe makes the sculpture even more Trump-like.

Mayor of a Japanese town named “Joe Bai Den” gets congratulated on winning the US elections

By pure chance, the whole world suddenly learned about Yutaka Umeda, the mayor of a small Japanese town. Yutaka unexpectedly woke up famous – his name appeared at the top of Twitter, and the number of congratulations on his victory in the elections exceeded the population of the city he manages. He was congratulated on his victory in the US elections.

The thing is that the surname of the mayor of Yamato – Umeda – consists of two hieroglyphs: 梅田. They can be pronounced as "bai" and "den." And the hieroglyph 穣 can be read as "Jo." So it turns out that the Japanese town of Yamato is run by Jo Bai Den.