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Denmark launched a children's TV show about the man with the longest penis in the world

The Danish children's TV channel DR Ramasjang released an animated series called John Dillermand, which tells the story of a man with the longest and most flexible penis in the world. Its target audience is children aged 4-8.

In the series, John uses his penis for everyday tasks. For example, as a leash for a dog, to get things that have fallen into the water, to help a neighbor hang a flag. With it, John can even fly and jump high, pushing off the ground with his penis.

The opinions of users were divided: some call the series pornography and say that their child will never watch the channel with such a cartoon again, while others claim that their children liked the TV show. They say it is the parents who make John Dillermand dirty and perceive it as adult and porn content.

A total of 20 episodes of the cartoon are planned to be released. Some can already be found on the channel's website and various hostings.

Donald Trump is no longer in Home Alone 2: Lost in New York. Instead, there is an empty space

The attack on the Capitol by Trump's supporters ended clearly not in favor of the current head of the White House. His accounts were blocked on many social media platforms. One of Twitter users decided that this was not enough and asked to remove Donald Trump from the movie Home Alone 2: Lost in New York.

Another user completely removed Trump from the frame, replacing him with empty space, and also deleted his lines. Now the hero of Macaulay Culkin communicates with no one, which, in general, suits everyone.

The Weeknd changed his Instagram profile picture to an awkward fan art

The original drawing, reminiscent of examples of failed restorations of old paintings or statues, was shared by Twitter user @Tw1tterPicasso. It happened a few years ago, but it was only recently that the illustration went viral.

When the awkward drawing reached The Weeknd, he decided to post it on his profile. This delighted the users of the social network, and they began to repost it, as well as post their fan art dedicated to the singer. It even developed into a new flash mob – I drew The Weeknd