Specialists from iFixit got the new Mac Pro at their disposal and made a video with their first impressions of it. In the video, you won’t see them taking the computer to pieces completely; you will only see the process of regular removal of the aluminum case. They also show the design of the “insides” and the way to replace memory modules.

However, iFixit specialists could not get past numerous memes about the design of the new Mac Pro, so at the end of the video, they tried to use Mac’s housing as a grater. Fun fact: with the Mac Pro, you can grate cheese. If you want to rub large amounts of it, though, cheese gets stuck in the holes. Who knows, maybe after a while a Cheese Grater Edition case will appear for $999 with a more suitable cell shape for this.

A tiny reminder: back in the summer, IKEA decided to tease Apple and released the "IDEALISK" grater priced at $3. Ikea launched an ad where there’s the grater depicted on a gray background with the slogan saying, "Designed for apples."

Next week, iFixit is planning to release the second video with a full disassembling of Mac.

The novelty began to be sold in the United States this week for $6,000. Unlike the previous generations of Mac Pro, the newest model will allow you to replace several components independently, including PCIe cards, RAM, and a power supply.