Swedish furniture giant IKEA announced a partnership with ASUS ROG (Republic of Gamers), whose products are one of the most famous among gamers. Republic of Gamers (ROG) is one of the leading brands in the gaming industry, which designs high quality and innovative hardware and gear for gamers. The goal of this unexpected partnership is to create affordable and ergonomic gaming furniture and accessories. The starting line will include three dozen items of goods.

The IKEA Product Development Centre is creating a new product line in China, Shanghai. According to IKEA, its designers have previously held meetings with ROG colleagues, professional gamers, and just gaming lovers in Shanghai to develop the functionality needed for home gaming furniture.

IKEA and Lego Teamed up to Create Playful BYGGLEK Storage Boxes
The two companies joined forces to create a range of storage solutions that will consist of four products: one set of three small boxes, two sets of bigger boxes, and one set of Lego bricks to infuse creativity at home.

"ROG is thrilled to be partnering with IKEA to create the ultimate gaming lifestyle for gamers. Together with IKEA as an expert in home furnishing, we envision that this collaboration will create synergies that empower gamers to build the gaming space they have always imagined in the comfort of their own homes," says Kris Huang, General Manager of ASUS Gaming Gear and Accessory Business Unit.

The presentation of the IKEA ASUS ROG gaming furniture line will take place in China in February 2021. Its sales in the United States and other countries will begin by October 2021.