The creators of the Arc Browser introduced a new iOS application called Arc Search – a browser enhanced with artificial intelligence.

When you input a query, a "Browse for me" button appears next to it. Clicking it prompts the browser to analyze available articles on the topic and create a mini-website summarizing the information. Think of it as Google search cards but much more detailed and structured.

This innovative browser offers a more grounded and realistic use of AI compared to other models like Microsoft's Copilot. It seamlessly integrates into the search experience, eliminating the need for a dedicated chatbot. It's more than just a chatbot with web access – it's an AI that builds web pages on demand.

In general, The Browser Company's Arc Search is part of a larger shift for the Arc browser, as it expands into Windows and introduces Arc Anywhere for cross-platform synchronization. This new approach envisions browsers, search engines, AI chatbots, and websites as integrated components within the same app, redefining how we access information on the internet.

Arc Search also raises essential questions about AI's role in browsing, citing sources, personalization, cost, and collaboration with publishers. While these questions remain unanswered, Arc Search provides a promising glimpse into the future of web browsing.

Arc Search is available for free on the App Store. There is no news of a release for other platforms at this time.