The Browser Company has launched a new feature – Call Arc – for iPhone users of its Arc Search app. The feature is designed to transform how users interact with their web browser, allowing them to simulate making a phone call to search for information, which means it is now easy to access data by simply speaking into your phones.

With Call Arc, users initiate a voice search by opening the Search Arc app, holding the phone to their ear, and asking their question aloud. The feature then delivers voice responses directly to the user, mimicking a real phone conversation. This innovative approach not only speeds up the search process by avoiding typing but also enhances the user experience by making information retrieval feel as natural as calling a friend.

Arc Search Is an All-In-One Browser, Search Engine, and AI App
When you input a query, a “Browse for me” button appears next to it. Clicking it prompts the browser to analyze available articles on the topic and create a mini-website summarizing the information.

The interface of Call Arc resembles a typical phone call, complete with options to end the call, switch to speaker mode, and view details about the response. Whether users have quick queries while cooking dinner or need fast facts on the go, Call Arc offers a hands-free, engaging way to obtain answers.