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Israel is a country in Western Asia, formally known as the State of Israel, located on the southeastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea and the northern shore of the Red Sea.

Israel's Supreme Court Obliged the Government to Legislate COVID-19 Phone-Tracking

Israel's Supreme Court will prohibit the use of mobile phones to track people infected with coronavirus unless the Israeli parliament legitimizes this practice by the end of April.

Israel Will Use Anti-Terrorist Tracking Technology to Fight the Outbreak of Coronavirus

Israel is planning to use anti-terrorist tracking technology to fight COVID-19. According to the authorities, the system will track those who were in contact with infected people, and then their data will be sent to doctors and the police.

WhatsApp Group Chat Crash & Data Loss Bug

WhatsApp vulnerabilities allowed hackers to block group chat participants, change the general parameters, and even to change the text of the message.

The Most Ridiculous Laws: Part 2

It would indeed seem that the law is there to make our lives better. However, sometimes, laws incite a facepalm and confused laughter. If you feel like your rights are being impaired, be quick to read our new most ridiculous laws list.

How One Word Can Ruin Your Job Interview

One false word + fear and inability to admit one’s mistakes = a failed job interview.

Printed Books vs E-Books: Fight of the Century

People predicted that eventually electronic books would completely replace the multi-volume printed ones. However, the book-publishing industry thrives to this very day, and so do the companies that provide us with stuff to read.

The Smartphone-Controlled Paper Airplane Raised More Than a Million Dollars on Kickstarter

Toy paper airplane startup from Israeli inventor Goitein hit the mark and overstepped the amount he needs to launch the project. Simple and well-loved idea can be a bestseller.

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