In 2020, we wrote a lot of articles about the coronavirus pandemic itself, ways how to protect ourselves from the disease, the treatment protocol of Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, who proved his protocol effective and treated many people, about the vaccines that have already been developed, but the problem still exists, and people are still dying from the COVID-19 disease.

Today, all Jewish communities will unite for one good purpose:

Jewish communities will unite in saying Tehillim (Psalm 121) for the recovery of the sick

Jewish tradition has a long history of prayer for those who are ill. Today, as the world is still suffering from the global pandemic taking millions of lives, it feels most appropriate to say Tehillim for the speedy recovery of all the ill people. It’s always a good idea to say Tehillim in times of need. All of them are meaningful and good, but some are especially relevant in trying times.

It’s important to know that the psalms themselves are not prayers. They are only moving verses. Thus, when you have a need, it is not sufficient to only recite a prayer. You must conclude with a request in what merit the recitation should be. The prayer can be in your own words and language. Most Hebrew editions of Tehillim include prayers to be said when one concludes his recitation, especially ones said for an ill person. Reciting Tehillim is thus not a prayer in itself, but makes our subsequent prayers more effective – both because of the merit of reciting Torah verses, and because their stirring words will inspire us to pray better.

Psalm 121 is a psalm for quick and full recovery from sickness.