We have repeatedly written about Dr. Zelenko's treatment protocol, but the coronavirus problem remains global. Several pharmaceutical companies have already started to supply countries with coronavirus vaccines, but there are still people contracting the coronavirus and getting sick.

Dr. Zelenko encourages everyone to sign the petition so that people in Israel with a positive coronavirus test could be prescribed treatment according to Dr. Zelenko's protocol.

Dr. Zelenko notes:

"We know hospitals are overloaded with coronavirus patients, and doctors are unable to cope with the influx of new patients. We have heard too many stories of people dying because they couldn't get treatment.

We demand that everyone testing positive for coronavirus receive the Zelenko protocol as delineated here: https://thezelenkoprotocol.com/

The medicines are cheap. There is no reason not to do it. There is scientific evidence that Zelenko's protocol saves lives and can save millions of dollars."

Follow the link to sign the petition.