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Weekly Fun: An Albino Turtle and a Press Conference at a Gardening Store

This week’s Weekly Fun features a press conference that was held at a gardening store, an albino turtle, and Kanye West, who plans to participate in future elections.

Weekly Fun: New Yeezy Sunglasses, South Park Predicting Protests, and Christian TikTok

This week’s stories feature new Yeezy sunglasses, a story about how South Park predicted protests in Belarus, a “pistol” that shoots with medical masks, and Kanye West, who wants to create a Cristian TikTok.

Weekly Fun: New Sneakers by Kanye West, a Criminal Group of Wild Boars, and a Golden Face Mask

This week’s stories feature Australian waterfalls that flow from the bottom up, a golden face mask, posing classes from a lizard, and new sneakers from Kanye West that look like pasta.

Weekly Fun: Mark Zuckerberg Cosplaying Joker, Jay-Z as Vice President, and a Pigeon Stuck in the Sky

This week’s stories feature Kanye West still being a presidential candidate who wants to make Jay-Z a vice president, Mark Zuckerberg cosplaying Joker, and a teen who used to sell N-word passes to white people.

Weekly Fun: Paris Hilton as a President, a Genius Parrot Griffin, and Dancing Robots

This week’s stories feature Paris Hilton as a presidential candidate, a parrot who beat Harvard students in the shell game, dancing robots, and the #BestMuseumBum flash mob.

Weekly Fun: Kanye West as a President, Onion-Flavored Corn Pillows, and Laughing Foxes

This week’s stories feature Elon Musk, who supports Kanye West’s decision to become a US President; children taking BBC by storm; and Kellogg’s onion-flavored corn pillows.

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