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Kanye West burst into tears at his first meeting with voters

Kanye West is taking part in the presidential race in full swing, and he also began his election tour as a candidate. Kanye's program is based on meeting voters from large cities around the country. The first such meeting took place in North Charleston, South Carolina. At the meeting, the rapper raised a rather strange list of issues: trade with other countries, licensing, copyright, and abortion issues.

During the discussion of abortion rights, West said that his father did not want him to be born, but his mother did not listen to his father and kept Kanye alive. “My mom saved my life, there would have been no Kanye West because my dad was too busy,” said the US presidential candidate and burst into tears. After this emotional cry, Kanye offered to give every woman who will soon give birth a million dollars, but the rapper did not say where to get the money for this. After that, Kanye West suggested giving a million dollars to every woman who gives birth. However, he noted that he did not know where to get this money.

A business idea for the summer 2020 season is to sell N-word passes to white people

Smart beyond his years, an American 11-year-old by the name of Martin assessed the market conditions, thought about what he could offer his own peers, something that would bring him money, and began selling permission to use the N-word.

In the US, the words “nigger” and “nigga” are recognized as ethnophaulisms or ethnic slurs due to historical connotations – slaveholders used to call black people that way. The word is considered unacceptable to the point that people are even afraid to say it out loud or write it. The young entrepreneur was handed over to the authorities, that is, to his parents, by his sister after she saw screenshots of money transfers of $20-30. In two weeks, Martin made over $1,000.

Social media users are puzzling over the mystery of a pigeon “stuck” in the sky

The video was shot in the Colombian city of Tulua, and its main character is an ordinary pigeon. Although it only seems like that at first glance, because something inexplicable is clearly happening to him. Either the pigeon got entangled in the wires, or the electric field captivated the pigeon. It has not been without references to The Matrix and the scene from the TV series Dark, where the birds used to fall to the ground.

Kanye West added himself to Mount Rushmore alongside other US presidents

And again, news about Kanye. This time, he photoshopped his face to the Mount Rushmore Memorial next to other US presidents. He tweeted the photo with a modest "2020" caption.

Wild squirrel asked residents for a drink

Summer is in full swing in California! Animals have to get water using various tricks. Here is one brave squirrel, who decided to immediately tell people what she wants.

If you meet a dog, a cat, or another animal while it’s hot outside, treat them with water if possible. It could save a little life!

You can upload a view from your window on the WindowSwap site and show it to others

We offer you an alternative to traveling during a pandemic. On the WindowSwap service website, you can see what people all over the world see from their windows. If you wish, you can upload your own video: it should be no more than 10 minutes long, and you need to indicate your name and location in the letter.

Kanye West said he will appoint Jay-Z as vice president

We cannot stop observing the most unusual election campaign of the past four years. According to American tradition, a presidential candidate never goes alone; at the very beginning of the race, he/she must decide on his partner for the position of vice president. The choice was obvious enough, but no less amusing. West revealed that he offered the position of the vice president to Sean Corey Carter, better known by his pseudonym Jay-Z. It is currently unknown whether the latter agreed.

Mark Zuckerberg cosplays Joker

Billionaire Mark Zuckerberg decided to spend his leisure time actively on the coast and became a hero of memes in the process. Mark was filmed surfing an eFoil surfboard, accompanied by security, but one detail in the image of a Facebook god attracted the attention of social media users. With his face covered with a thick layer of sunscreen, Mark, surfing on a $12,000 eFoil board, looks like Joker, and the board only adds to his super-villainy.

Too much sunscreen from Zuckerberg: