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Paris Hilton is planning on becoming a president, and Musk no longer wants to support Kanye West

Inspired by the example of Kanye West, Paris Hilton decided to run for the US presidency. After much deliberation, Paris decided that the oval office needs redecorating and a female hand. The blonde wants to appoint Rihanna as vice president. In case of victory in the election, Hilton promises to repaint the White House in pink, because white is very boring, and the slogan for the election campaign of Paris is “Let's Make America Hot Again.”

The pre-election race is already seething with passions. Thus, after an interview with presidential candidate Kanye West, Elon Musk decided that he would no longer support him. He even tweeted about his decision but quickly deleted it. Mashable managed to notice the tweet.

Musk no longer supports Kanye West
Screenshot credit: Mashable

A parrot beat Harvard students in the shell game

If you are offered to become a test subject in research one day, carefully find out what you have to do. Because okay, if it’s some simple chemical test, the fourth hand is always useful in the household. But it can also be a real humiliation. For example, you will have to play the shell game with a parrot and shamefully blow it.

It was through such a humiliating process that students of Harvard University had to go through, during which the cognitive abilities of a parrot and people were compared. The thimblerigger’s name is Griffin, and he is an African grey parrot. A team of 21 children and 21 Harvard students played against the bird. Children completed 36 rounds, while Griffin still surpassed the students at high levels of difficulty. You can read more about Griffin’s superiority over pathetic people in the Nature magazine.

A giant light show out of drones reminds you to wash your hands and wear face masks

In disciplined South Korea, the situation with the novel coronavirus is pretty good. The spread of the COVID-19 disease has been contained, but experts still fear the second wave and ask people to continue to follow security measures. They decided to remind people about this in a very colorful and large-scale way by arranging a light show in the sky with 300 drones. At the same time, it was an excellent opportunity to thank the doctors for the work done to combat COVID-19.

Spot robot dogs danced with Japanese robots Pepper

And after that people still like the cheerleaders at matches better?

There have not been any new cases of COVID-19 in the land of the rising sun for a long time, but the Japanese continue to be cautious. Sports events are held without spectators but with television broadcasts instead. An international team of robots was attracted to substitute the audience and to fill the empty stands. This is Japan, you know.

And instead of cheerleaders, of course, there was a group of anthropomorphic robots from the SoftBank company: Pepper with a group of robots Spot from Boston Dynamics. It was assumed that such dances of robots should look impressive and inspire confidence in the bright future of mankind. But it looks depressing and resembles a rise of the machines.

A public toilet in Norway is guaranteed to delight visitors

The construction is located in Norway, among the rocky mountains, near Skjervsfossen Waterfall, and does not belong to anyone in particular – the toilet is public. In the comments under the video, some express a desire to live there forever.

Youtube deleted a chess player’s video in which he used the words “black” and “white”

The media once again discussed which words can be safely used to indicate the color of the skin and the race of people, and which can only be said in a whisper in the pillow with the lights off and the geo-location on the phone turned off. This time, the Croatian chess player Antonio Radić, the author of the thematic youtube channel, experienced it himself.

On his YouTube channel, Radić tells that YouTube blocked one of his videos labeling it as "harmful or dangerous content." All the videos on his channel are devoted to chess, and perhaps the reason was the mention of “blacks” and “whites,” and the YouTube algorithm could find some of the phrases offensive.

A month earlier, an Australian radio station kind of jokingly raised the question of whether chess should be considered a racist game, but then people began to discuss this topic in all seriousness.

From a lawn mower to a tank? Easy Breezy!

A guy named Jason Hibbs has golden hands, a YouTube channel called Bourbon Moth Woodworking, and a lawn mower – what else do you need for happiness? Well, maybe a tank… Without hesitation, Jason assembled a tank from a lawn mower with his golden hands and uploaded the assembly process on YouTube. In front of you, there is a compact record, which includes the best moments. The directorial 15-minute version is here.

New museum flash mob #BestMuseumBum: choose the best buttocks

The Yorkshire Museum in the UK has launched the #BestMuseumBum flashmob on Twitter. The winner has not yet been determined, so you can publish "your" antique ass with a hashtag and compete for the main prize. The Ashmolean Museum in Oxford, the Archaeological Museum in Zagreb, the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, the Ukiyo-e Ota Memorial Museum of Art, and others have already taken part in the flash mob.

Sinister music + Disneyland's opening video = a mini-horror movie

The world is trying to come to its senses after a pandemic. No, it didn’t end, but it looks like we’ll have to come to terms with it and live side by side, preferably in friendly terms. Disneylands are finally opening again. By the way, we showed you what Disneyland looked like from Aladdin’s-eye view.

Disney decided to inform visitors that the parks were opened, and all safety measures were taken in connection with the pandemic. Twitter could not get past this and upgraded the video a bit. We suggest watching two versions in a row – first, the original, and then the sinister one.

And since the topic of the article has already referred to the coronavirus, we remind you that the best way to protect yourself and others is to wear a face mask in public places.


Sinister version: