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Kanye West posted pictures of Yeezy sunglasses: the fashion of the future is here

Kanye West tweeted a photo of his Yeezy brand sunglasses, and their unusual design has attracted an army of fashion trolls. Twitter users believe that West watched Star Trek too much.

The photos published next clarified the situation. Well, not really clarified, but West accompanied the picture with a laconic emoji of a monkey closing its eyes, making it clear that they were glasses in the photo.

Earlier, Twitter users laughed at Kanye because of the sneakers that resemble the skeleton of a fish, and it seemed that this was the apogee of the rapper's fantasy. But Kanye repeatedly proves that he can come up with even more unusual ideas, and with his glasses, he still managed to surprise the audience again. Twitter users reacted very funnily as usual.

South Park predicted protests in Belarus

The Simpsons have always been considered the main prophetic series: it managed to predict the appearance of US President Donald Trump, Greta Thunberg's speech at the UN Summit, and even the coronavirus.

But it seems that the equally popular South Park series is hot on the heels of The Simpsons. Pay attention to the 13th episode of the 16th season released on screens on October 31, 2012. According to the plot, scientists find traces of prohibited substances on the Shroud of Turin. Having learned that Jesus was taking doping and, as it turns out, did not suffer so much for our sins, people become disillusioned with Christianity and stop wearing bracelets with the inscription “What would Jesus do?”.

Only Stan Marsh does not stop wearing the bracelet. It is to him that Jesus appears in order to draw public attention to a really important problem – the protests of farmers in Belarus, which were brutally suppressed by the government with the help of the army and tanks. As a result, bracelets become the main symbol of protests in Belarus, and Jesus even appears on television, and in the background, tanks shoot at civilians.

An American designed a "pistol" that shoots protective masks

Allen Pan, an American journalist, designed a kind of pistol that shoots with medical masks. He also recorded a video of how this pistol can be used. It should be used a few meters at the level of a person's head, and as you shoot, the mask is placed on the face. It is noticeable that the device is unfinished, because the mask doesn’t always fit correctly on the face.

Strange video: sheep froze on a hill as if they were paused

This scary video might be mistaken for a photograph, but this is a video. Near her house, a resident of Great Britain filmed as a flock of sheep suddenly froze on a hill. It is unknown what exactly caused the animals to become numb. Only by looking closely, you can see how one sheep shakes its ears. There is no scientific explanation for the phenomenon. Netizens believe that the sheep could have become numb after getting wet under heavy rain. Or they saw new sunglasses from Kanye West.

Kanye West wants to create a Christian TikTok

On his Twitter, the rapper offered to pray that he would be able to agree with the TikTok about a new version of the platform – the Christian version.

In Pennsylvania, a cat thief steals neighbors' shoes every night

BJ Ross from Altoona, Pennsylvania, has created a Facebook group with the help of which she plans to return the shoes, which were stolen by her cat named Jordan, to her neighbors. According to her, Jordan goes hunting for shoes every night. In order to track the movement of the thief, the woman decided to attach a GPS tracker to the collar, so it turned out that during the night, the cat walks 5 kilometers in search of a catch.

Here's how Jordan prepares for the hunt:

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Jordan gets ready for the great shoe hunt

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And here is the catch the cat brings in the morning:

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Jordan’s stash

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In the wake of the popularity of the furry shoe lover, the Ross family launched a website where you can order stickers with a criminal's face and donate to the cat.