A small, simple pen which can replace the standard payment card - The Pen from Starbucks Touch. The device will be presented for Japan users who can’t imagine their life without visits for a cup of coffee in Starbucks.

On the outside, this is an ordinary pen you can write in your book, but the Japanese engineers adroitly hid the microchip inside the hardware. It’s not a stylus, it’s a coffee-brown ink pen which enables Starbucks-fans to pay for any products in the brand venue. There is an NFC reader which is linked to the digital wallet, while the FeliCa technology of popular Japanese domestic card system handles payments.

By the way, it’s not the first device in the Starbucks Touch batch. Earlier there was a cute hand-bag “The Hug” which customers could get in a lottery which lasted several days in July. Another cute device was the case for the smartphone and the flask. All gadgets were equipped with the NFC sensor.

The Touch Pen will be offered in black, white, and silver color and will be on sale in the online store for approximately $47 (4,000 yen) next Wednesday.